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  1. Thanksgiving is behind us and our holiday plans have been made, so it is now time to start thinking about the New Year. Take some time to reflect on the past year and craft resolutions for a more successful 2013.



  2. Mobile devices, particularly smartphones, have revolutionized our day to day activities and risen to prominence faster than any other form of media that has come before it. How fast exactly? Consider this: there are more mobile devices purchased every day than there are babies being born in the world by a wide margin. Mobile usage is quickly making desktop computer dominance a thing of the past. It’s estimated that mobile device usage will surpass desktop usage by 2015. So what can brands do to prepare for the rapidly expanding mobile takeover? (more…)


  3. 36 Chambers of Web Standards

    Each year on November 30th, web designers and developers across the globe come together to celebrate Blue Beanie Day, a time to honor the past and embrace the future of our profession through the lens of Web Standards. Here at Moosylvania, all of our interactive projects are built upon the foundation of Web Standards. What does this mean? It means that we use web standards to create user-friendly websites.

    Used to be, this was a thing, that you could get a job just by mentioning CSS or Section 508. But now, pretty much every modern interactive practice is rooted in the same fundamentals. Even the browser makers are on board. Our work here is done. Yay!



  4. November 29, 2012

    Why Creatives Need Sales Skills

    Posted by Laura Hoeman
    Category Advertising, Branding

    The holidays are here, and the hottest items of the season are selling like hotcakes to mobs at the mall. However, selling a new and fresh idea to a client can be more difficult that elbowing through the a sea of humanity to snag one of 20 TVs selling at 70% off.

    As a creative at a design agency, you are faced with the task of selling your concept throughout your career. And when you have that super awesome concept, you owe it to your concept to get behind it and sell it to your client. Let’s talk about the fundamentals to kick-start the concept-buyer mindset of the client:

     1. Take A Page From The Boy Scouts

    Be prepared. As a creative, sometimes you’d rather face a firing squad than present a concept to a client. Nerves won’t sink your concept but coming unprepared to talk through strategy will. Review your work, collect your thoughts, formulate and practice key points that you want to bring up to your client. Few people can wing a presentation and sell the concept, so give your concept a solid start out of the gate by arriving composed and prepared.



  5. In the last five minutes, I have decided how I am wrapping my Christmas gifts, decided on a recipe for dinner (from my favorite recipe blog), chosen another top contender for an area rug in my living room, reviewed Tory Burch’s Holiday collection and categorized myself in this social media infographic pinned by Moosylvania advertising agency.

    Yes, I was on Pinterest. A virtual pinboard where users can organize and   share anything they discover online. You can “pin” your own content or browse pinboards created by others. It is a perfect social media platform for discovering new things and getting inspired by others who share similar style and interests.

    This amazingly simple idea is now a staple in people’s daily online routine. But, how did this concept take off? The simple answer, I think, is that it allows us to pin and explore anything we want whether it’s a new book, a new outfit,  interior design ideas or recipes (both realistic or unrealistic). That is exactly why brands have taken notice. The opportunities are unlimited for brands to promote their products. So how do brands, especially with the announcement of brand pages, take advantage of the opportunity to be part of a users experience?



  6. Popular wisdom has long said, “Why buy the cow, when you can get the milk for free?” I’ve heard that saying countless times, and I’m sure you have too. It’s stupid and I’m going to tell you why.

    A 2008 Arbitron study on product sampling methods, marketing and brand loyalty discovered some AMAZINGLY SHOCKING things.

    People Like Free Stuff - According to Arbitron’s research “about two of every three consumers accept product samples.”

    People Buy Things They Like – “More than one-third of consumers who try a sample buy the sampled product during the same shopping trip.”

    As marketers, we shouldn’t be worried about giving away free milk, we should be giving away as much free milk as we can afford. Once they’ve sampled the milk, you say, “Now, wouldn’t you like to have milk like this every morning for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Buy the cow.”

    Have I convinced you to sample yet? No? Allow me to continue.  (more…)


  7. I’ll admit it. I’m addicted. I’m addicted to Starbucks. In college, at a time when I was merely scraping by, I would ask my dad to inject my bank account every now and again to help out. His first question was always “Are you still buying your $4.35 soy lattes?” Caught. Mocha-handed. Even now, on my way to work at Moosylvania advertising agency, it takes everything I have in me not to pull into that endless drive-thru to overpay for coffee.

    So what is it about that little overpriced coffee shop that drags me (and the entire java-loving population) back time and time again? And not to just buy coffee. Is it the curiously aromatic drip? The lavish pastries? The worldly music selection? That mesmerizing green mermaid staring back from my cup of joe? (more…)


  8. November 1, 2012

    Social Drinking with Drambuie®

    Posted by Ryan Kresse
    Category Digital

    Drambuie® wanted a larger social media presence, especially on Facebook. So given our experience with brand marketing online, earlier this year they asked us to extend their global campaign—A Taste of the Extraordinary—into the social realm.

    To the brainstorm room we went.

    Out came ideas—some good, others not so much. We picked one, then decided it didn’t work. We came up with another and decided it did. We revised. Then revised some more. And at long last, we developed a social media promotion that uses both Instagram and Facebook to recruit new Drambuie fans.

    At the core is a sweepstakes via this Facebook app that launched a few weeks ago.

    It entices ‘creative class’ consumers to Like and interact with Drambuie by offering them something they love—cool Instagram photos—along with something that everyone loves, prizes.



  9. As the wise man once said, if you want happy and productive developers, give them sharp tools and interesting problems. Here at Moosylvania, the sharpest tool in our arsenal is SilverStripe, an open source content management system we use for most website and application development. Here’s the rundown on why. (more…)


  10. For me, Cardinal baseball is like a religion. In reality, it’s a brand. And just like many other brands, harnessing social has been a learning process for sports businesses and franchises. Most teams have learned that creating a social brand strategy is the best defense against an offensive remark.

    Employees of brands act as mini-brand ambassadors, tweeting and posting about what’s happening around the office or, in the case of sports teams, the field, track, or pool. Early on, many businesses realized a need to implement a social media policy for their employees. For any employees who post socially as a part of their job or as a private person, Mindjumpers recommends a social media policy that provides corporate guidelines to: