Ready to dive into an adventure-packed internship? Our 10-week program was designed to give the best and brightest ‘campers’ real world marketing experience. Interns will gain valuable knowledge, rub elbows with senior Moosers, while building their resumes and portfolios.

Sound like your kind of summer?


Application Due* March 7, 2014
Call Backs By March 21, 2014
Interview Day April 4, 2014
Internships Awarded April 11, 2014
Camp Moose June 2 – August 8, 2014

*Prospective campers must by 21 years of age by June 2nd. Sorry, no loopholes.


No day at Camp Moose is ever the same. Every cabin will sharpen their skills in a specialized area. Where are your skills best suited?

Account Coordinator Camper #

Camper Duties: Account Service Campers will learn to walk the line as the liaison between internal creative teams and clients. Under the watchful eye of an Account Service Counselor, Account Coordinator Campers will master their badges in the Moosylvania creative process, client requests, timelines, estimates, and effectively relaying request details to the creative team. They’ll flex their creative muscles in team brainstorms and work with creatives to execute promotions with client expectations and timelines in mind.

Junior Art Director Camper #

Camper Duties: Junior Art Directors will spend their days immersed in the Moose creative process. Campers will work in collaboration with a creative team, delivering on client expectations, budgets and timelines. These campers will gain experience in all facets of the Moosylvania design process, including concepting, creating, routing, production and release of final artwork. It’s a portfolio goldmine!

Junior Copywriter Camper #

Camper Duties: Junior Writers will spend their summers working with creative teams on everything from big concept thinking to brilliant headlines, brainstorms and more. You’ll hone eagle eye proofing skills, observe the long arm of the trademark law and stretch your creative muscles every day.

Junior Web Developer Camper #

Front End: Front End Developers spend their day bringing creative to life on the web, implementing responsive design and optimizing UX. These savvy campers must already have some PHP experience and be comfortable operating in the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) Stack. You’ll hand-code HTML, rock CSS and JavaScript, and get very familiar with Adobe Creative Suite.

Back End: Back-End Developers should arrive at camp with a strong familiarity with PHP and MySQL. Bonus points for prior experience with MVC and Active Record patterns.

Camper Duties: You’ll pass the time creating websites on a variety of PHP-based platforms, building reusable components on these platforms and learning how to structure production-scale web projects. You’ll bond in a collaborative environment with senior developers to produce cutting edge interactive experiences for top national clients.

Junior Interactive Producer Camper #

Camper Duties: Junior Interactive Producers will be become masters of the Moosylvania Digital Process. These campers will work in collaboration with Interactive Producers to gain experience in managing a team of interactive developers through a variety of digital projects for a wide range of clients. These campers will manage team deadlines and assist in quality assurance testing. Junior Interactive Producer Campers must be on top of digital industry trends and will grow their knowledge of web and application development and content strategy.

Junior Production Artist Camper #

Camper Duties: Our friends in production will earn their merit badges working closely with creative and account teams to create production ready files. You’ll manage timelines and budgets, learn about usage rights, eagle eye final documents and tag along on press checks.

Community Manager Camper #

Camper Duties: These social butterflies will work closely with the Social Media Manager and team of Community Managers to become immersed in all things social from an agency perspective. This camper will have the opportunity to contribute original ideas and posts for national brands, as well as Moosylvania’s internal social media. Strong writing skills, and a passion for new and emerging platforms are a must.

Experiential Camper #

Camper Duties: Take a plunge into the road warrior world of experiential at Camp Moose. Learn the ins and outs of experiential strategy, venue negotiations, scheduling logistics and troubleshooting on the road.

How To Apply:

Now, it’s time to show us what you’ve got!

  1. Cover Letter (Be sure to tell us which cabin you’re in!)
  2. Resume + Website
  3. Talent Show (That extra little something that’s sets you apart!)

Send everything to jobs@moosylvania.com by March 7th to get your hiking boot in the door and follow @campmoose on Twitter for ways to get your resume to the top of our pile!