Brand Identity & Development


Brand Identity and Development

At the core of any marketing communication is the brand. Objectives and strategies may influence what you say, but branding dictates how to say it. And just like the tiny tiles in a mosaic, every single thing you say or do helps build the picture of your brand identity and development is ongoing.

Some might find that overwhelming, but at Moosylvania brand management and marketing is exciting stuff.

A brand is a living entity - and it is enriched or undermined cumulatively over time, the product of a thousand small gestures.
— Michael Eisner.

While Moose antlers are infinitely cooler than mouse ears, we completely agree, Mr. Eisner.

Jump Into the Deep End

Our process is actually pretty simple. When it comes to brand development, company policy is to start with a deep dive.

We work with clients to really get to know the who, what and why. Then we head next door to gather consumer insights so we know our relevance is spot on. (Luckily, Moosylvania is the only agency with a top-rated research facility on our campus.)

Cue the Creativity

Armed with smart research, we get to start creating. Core values, logos, voices, colors, personas, corporate identity, brand building. The good stuff.

Then we sit down together with our clients, and pinpoint what’s right. Some use broad, hard-to-define terms for figuring out what’s right, like authenticity. We don’t disagree, but there’s more to it. It’s got to fit the strategy, the research and the gut check.

The Really Fun Part

When a brand’s out there in market, standing on its own and meaning something to consumers, that’s success to us.

Check out our branding work to see what that looks like.

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