Email Marketing


Email Marketing

Most businesses are familiar with email marketing, but many are unaware of the effectiveness of email marketing when it is used with an integrated marketing strategy. Moosylvania provides email campaign strategy that extends and promotes a complete brand experience, from promotions to social outlets.

Integration in the Inbox

We develop email campaigns that nurture sales channels, promote social media connections, reactivate past customers, share digital content and complete other specific objectives. It’s determining when and how to promote each objective that is essential for long-term engagement and success. Every email a brand sends should be carefully thought about, because one bad email and the subsequent emails may end up in the spam folder or be blocked completely.

Our Deliveries Are Objective Driven

So what makes a good email?

  1. Relevant content for what the user signed up to receive.
  2. A valuable message e.g. offers, exclusive content, news, etc.
  3. Integrated with other marketing efforts e.g. Facebook, YouTube, etc.
  4. Compelling email design that looks right in all email clients (Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.)
  5. Strong call-to-action that quickly tells a user what to do.
  6. Email marketing management that reports details.

Explore how email marketing was used in one of our recent campaigns.

We’re In It For The Long Haul

We take great pride in achieving measurable results for all of our email marketing services. To set the stage for strong results we usually recommend A/B testing of email campaigns, which allows us to analyze interest so we can ultimately create a strong focus on the strongest messages.

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