Event Marketing


Event Marketing

We love bringing brands to life. There’s nothing quite like it. Think about the last smart phone you bought. You read reviews online. You talked to your friends. You tried to learn as much as you could, but you probably didn’t make your decision until you got your hands on the finalists. Event marketing creates a one-on-one engagement where consumers can experience the features that set your product apart. And sometimes a product purchase decision comes down to something as simple as the ability to touch it, taste it, hear it or see it in person.

Meet Your Consumers At The Crossroads

The key is to set your brand up for success. Our strategic planning process finds the sweet spot where your brand and your target consumers most naturally interact. We get you where you need to be, and once you’re there Moosylvania will create an event that positions your brand to be the hero.

Moosylvania Does Event Marketing Like Nobody Else

The thing that sets Moosylvania apart is our ability to take event marketing and sponsorship marketing from strategic concept to activation without outsourcing any step in the process. Ultimately, this leads to consistency across the board. We can develop it. We can create it. And we can produce it. Plus, we can involve all our other marketing services to support the event.  Explore how you can use digital before, during and after to promote the event.

Get More Out Of Your Sponsorship

Sponsoring events is a great way to get your name out there. Attendees will see your signage everywhere and they’ll be exposed to your messaging. But do you really want your involvement and your investment to end there? With sponsorship marketing, you can create a live engagement that extends your sponsorship dollars to create a memorable experience. Now, you’ve bought more than just static branding. You’ve created a personal engagement that establishes the brand personality and draws consumers into the brand.