In-Store Marketing


In-Store Marketing

So much emphasis is placed on getting consumers to the store to purchase a product. Brands talk to consumers when they’re watching television. They talk to them when they’re driving to and from work. And they talk to them when they’re surfing the internet. All of these strategies try to seed a nugget of information that consumers will carry with them and recall at the point of purchase.

At Moosylvania, we know that there’s more brands can do. We work with our clients to harness the power of using in-store marketing to connect with them right before they make a purchase decision.

Impact the Moment of Decision

We start by working with our clients to get to know their consumer. With an understanding of what consumers are looking for and knowing how that influences their shopping habits, we craft a message and design engagement that breaks through the clutter and influences consumers’ purchase choice.

Since we’re discipline agnostic at Moosylvania, we have all the tools and we’re not afraid to use them. Sometimes we hand out samples. Other times, we created an interactive display that will deliver edutainment. All that matters is that the target consumer walks out of the store with the right brand in hand.

Influence Through Brand Education

Without a sound strategy and thoughtful approach, in-store marketing can come across as an expensive dog and pony show. Sure, clowns making balloon animals and dogs jumping through hoops might attract a lot of attention, but at the end of the day what does it say about the brand?

We believe that when you deliver a potent message and educate consumers, you don’t necessarily need an over-the-top execution. By empowering consumers to make an informed decision, a small engagement can lead to big sales.

Check out a few of the successful in-store marketing programs we’ve put together recently, and let us know if you want to talk about how Moosylvania can help build your business.

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