Interactive Event Marketing

As mobile technology becomes more engrained in consumers lives, marketers must change the way we connect with them – not only when we’re connecting with them through mobile devices, but also when we’re one-on-one, in person.

That means event marketing needs to evolve, and at Mooyslvania, we’re using new technology to do just that with online and interactive event marketing.

It starts with recruitment

On average, people have 130 friends on Facebook and they can all become natural ambassadors of your experience. We all know the power of word of mouth, and social media has exponentially expanded the word-of-mouth reach.

Then, there’s on-site technology

Sure, technology should be fun, but it should also have a purpose. If the objective is awareness, we make sure on-site experiences are easy to share via social media. If the objective is sales, we connect them with e-commerce, right there on site.

A good follow through

One of the biggest success stories of a great experience is a high-level of interest after the actual event. Whether it’s an event photo gallery, a contest with great prizes or a ‘behind the scenes’ video, post-event interaction offers the opportunity to extend the value of your investment – as well as to spark long-term relationships with consumers.

But the interactive part of an event is just one piece, so check out the rest of our digital capabilities, and let us know if you want to talk about what Moosylvania can do to build your business.

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