Mobile Development & Marketing


Mobile Development & Marketing

Turns out, it’s not abnormal these days to feel a little naked when you don’t have your smartphone on hand. More than 93% of US adults use a cell phone, and nearly half of them are comfortable making a purchase with that phone. As mobile usage continues to rise each year, the importance of solid mobile marketing grows with it.

Just a few short years ago, phones existed simply to connect people to one another for the sole purpose of conversation. Today, phones have become mobile devices, and they act as portals to abundant information:

  • The internet (and all it has to offer)
  • Applications for fun, efficiency and everything in between
  • Messaging
  • Sharing photos and videos
  • Geo-messaging (letting people know where you are – and getting user-generated information about where you are)
  • Watching your dog via doggy daycare webcam
  • Talking to other actual humans (when battery power allows)

Do I need an app for that?

At Moosylvania, we believe the abundance of apps doesn’t mean that they’re always the right solution. Some mobile marketing services push mobile application development just to say they develop apps. Not at Moosylvania – unless a brand can offer a valuable service to the consumer (including pure entertainment in some cases), mobile app development isn’t always the best solution.

But that’s what we work together with our clients to figure out, because sometimes a creative, compelling app-based solution can be as valuable and exciting for consumers as it is for marketers.

What’s Your Mobile Campaign Strategy?

In addition to (or sometimes in place of) mobile app development, there are many other ways brands can engage with consumers via mobile. We love helping our clients look at the big picture, collaborating to develop brand marketing strategies that include mobile in such ways as:

  • Mobile Campaign Strategy
  • Mobile Website Design & Development
  • Mobile Optimization of New or Existing Website
  • Mobile App Development (Including iPhone App Development & iPad App Development)
  • Mobile Ad Creation
  • Mobile Campaign Optimization and Management
  • Performance Measurement and Analytics

Drop us a line to find out what Moosylvania can do for your brand in the mobile arena and beyond.

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