On-Premise Marketing

There’s no better time to connect with a consumer than when your product is in their hand, and that’s why Moosylvania regularly heads to the on-premise to bring brands and consumers together.

The Original Social Marketing

There’s an art to intercepting consumers when they’re having fun and hanging out with friends. And actually, we don’t want to intercept them at all, we want to join them, to enhance their experience with a meaningful brand interaction.

Ready, Set, Strategy

We start with forming watertight strategy on a foundation of smart insights. If we’re going to party with these people, we need to make sure they’re the right people and we’re going to the right places.

Then, We Cut Loose

We brainstorm, we get crazy and creative, but all the while, we stay focused on the goal: a marketing promotional event that fits in seamlessly with the flow of the occasion and the desires of the target consumer.

Sometimes we create standalone (yet impactful) point-of-sale for on-premise accounts. Other times, we send in brand-trained sampling teams. Still other times we take over bars and restaurants for high-profile branded events. And many times, we develop complete programs that are designed for scalability, so that all of those things can happen simultaneously.

We’re Like This with the Trade

Best of all, at Moosylvania, we not only know what it’s like to be a consumer in the on-premise, we also know what it’s like to be behind the scenes. The parameters for a successful marketing promotional event change from the perspective of account managers and owners. And we balance those with the needs and desires of the consumer experience.

Check out some of our favorite on-premise programs, ones that were popular with consumers and the trade. Then let us know what we can cook up for your brand.

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