Package Design Services


Package Design

Luxury, value, healthy, imported or domestic – there’s a lot of reasons consumers pick up a product off the shelf, and all can be communicated with the look and feel of package designs. Moosylvania is an experienced package design agency that has launched new products and rebranded existing ones to help differentiate them in today’s circus-like marketplace.

Love at First Sight

When consumers pick up a product, we believe it should tell a story. It should speak clearly about a point-of-difference or a reason to believe, because it’s likely five other products with the same chemical, mechanical makeup surround it. One of the products could have a campaign that stands out from the others but when the consumer gets to the point of purchase, price, position and package have the potential to trump all of that.

We Find the Special Sauce

Every brand can incite consumer passion, and at Moosylvania, we’re driven to work with our clients to find the best way to share brand stories and express benefits through a quick glance at shelf.

Our package design services go beyond great design; we work to combine shopper insights, market research and strategy to ensure that when a consumer picks up the package they’re converted to purchase.

Take a look at some of our package design and discover how the small details can make a big difference. We also believe package design is a powerful way to not only start a brand experience but also continue one, so check out our other capabilities as well.