We believe that every brand deserves a second chance, new life or just a subtle makeover to make it more relevant to objectives, goals and the target consumer. Because we all know things change. It could be a consumer adoption of new technology, market landscape or many other factors that make a current identity not have the same appeal it had years ago.

At Moosylvania, we know you’ve got to make sure your brand is evolving along with its consumer, and with the way new technology is reshaping our world, there’s a lot of evolution to be done these days.

Facelift or Completely from Scratch

Moosylvania approaches brand development assignments from various angles based on market research, consumer insights and honed objectives. Rebranding may not need to be extreme; sometimes it is simple messaging or adjustments in color that can do wonders.

But yes, there’s those times when a brand has lost touch with the modern consumer or marketplace, which drives us to think deeper. It could be that the reasons to believe are no longer relevant or the overall design seems stodgy. These assignments aren’t only about rebranding but managing the consumer’s perception of the change.

Explore Our Rebranding Work

Moosylvania has experience rebranding large CPG, financial service and car rental brands. From a new logo and tagline to an entire new package and story, we have the talent and tools needed to bring new life into any brand. Learn more about our package design services or branding work.