Retail Marketing


Retail Marketing

Whether it’s a list-in-hand or an in-and-out kind of trip, when the shopper’s at the shelf, it’s our final and perhaps most powerful opportunity to influence purchase. And that’s pretty exciting to us.

Around Moosylvania, we see marketing at retail as the ultimate opportunity to bring together insights, strategy, innovation and killer creative.

In the Carts and Minds of Shoppers

We start with getting to know our shopper, through insights. At the most basic, we aim to answer:

  • Why is she shopping? Is it a last-minute trip for essentials or a pre-planned, stock up kind of trip? Is she in a hurry or ready to spend some time?
  • What are her motivations? Is she a money saver or does she seek to impress? Is she health conscious or indulgent?
  • Is she shopping for an occasion or part of a routine? Who’s she shopping for? Does she have recipes in mind or does she look to the store for inspiration?

Luckily, Moosylvania is the only agency with a top-rated research facility, Hatch, on our campus. That means we’ve got a bit of a leg up when it comes to getting ripe and recent insights.

More Than Just QR Codes

Good insights lead to sound strategy, which is at the core of any good shopper marketing program. But while most lack innovation, that’s where we get revved up. With new technology, there are new possibilities every day for connecting with and actually engaging consumers at the point of purchase.

With retail marketing, we seek not only to spark purchase but also to start a relationship with consumers. And that’s why it’s so important to us that marketing at retail is tied to other channels and is bolstered by meaningful creative.

Check out what we mean in these case studies, and let us know if you’re interested in smart, strategic, creative retail marketing for your brand.

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