Advertising piques interest and informs, but sampling is the alpha dog when it comes to conversion. Why? Some say seeing is believing, but at Moosylvania, we know trying is believing.

Feel the Power

Touching and feeling a product or service and experiencing its benefits firsthand through sampling is one of the most effective ways to gain a customer. Add in a sense of surprise and delight as well as some friendly brand representatives, and you start creating loyalists.

Choose Your Weapon (We’ve Got an Arsenal)

In-store, off-premise, on a cross-country tour or from a street team, Moosylvania has the sampling methods, marketing prowess and experiential experience. Whether it’s beverages, nutrition bars or bug spray, we bring to life innovative ideas for getting consumers to experience brands.

Don’t Mind the Gap, Close It!

Sampling’s powerful, but it reaches its pinnacle when it’s part of a fully integrated program. Link it thematically to advertising, use it as a driver to build a relationship through social media, connect it to a promotion – then we’re getting into that magic thing we call synergy.

Marketers have long known that word-of-mouth is the most influential method of communication, and we know about the exponential potential of experiential marketing (if one person tells five people about a brand experience, then each of those five tell five, and so on). So when you drive people to social media from a sampling experience, it’s like handing them a megaphone. Reinforce all of that with advertising and promotions, and you’ve got yourself a winning program.

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