Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing

Tweet. Like. RT. Check in. Message. Follow. Friend. Connect. A brand’s opportunities in the social space are abundant and can often seem overwhelming. Many social media consultants will tell you that you MUST be on Facebook, or that LinkedIn is the ONLY network you need. At Moosylvania, we believe that each brand and its consumer base are unique and deserve a social strategy and plan built to fit those unique needs.

Social media isn’t just for teen angst

Social media marketing isn’t solely for brands with younger target markets. These networks have certainly hit a growth spurt, but they have also started to mature. The fastest growing segment of social media users is adults 35 or older.

Clearly, social networks have grown at a tremendous rate and are constantly evolving and improving. Facebook has surpassed Yahoo! as the second most visited website in the US, while Twitter watches the world share over ONE BILLION tweets per month. What does that mean to brands? Simply put, for every brand, there are consumers – and chances are, those consumers can be found on social networks.

You found ‘em…now what?

It’s one thing to know your customers are hanging out in the Twitterverse or on Facebook. It’s an entirely different thing to leverage that knowledge against marketing objectives without alienating the target. Many marketers wonder:

  • How do you reach them in a meaningful way?
  • How do you translate activity to Likes and Follows?
  • What’s the best way to engage those who Like and Follow?
  • Can you link social media activity to sales goals, lead generation or brand loyalty?
  • Can I manage social in-house or do I need a social media marketing agency?

At Moosylvania, we use the perfect mix of strategy, dedication and resourcefulness to attract your customers and keep them coming back for more. We tackle:

  • Development of Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Account Creation & Optimization
  • Branding of Social Media Profiles
  • Day-to-Day Social Media Management & Monitoring
  • Training on Social Media Best Practices and Management Tools
  • Social Media and Reputation Management Consultation
  • Implementation of Performance Analytics

If you want to see some social strategy in action, check out our case studies, or simply check out the Moosylvania Twitter, Facebook or blog. And then drop us a line if you’re ready to get social about social.

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