Tours & Vehicle Creation


Tours & Vehicle Creation is A House Specialty

Road shows and guerilla marketing are old school, but they’ll never get old. There’s just nothing like getting the product in people’s hands that can help drive your entire campaign. Moosylvania approaches these experiential tactics differently than most agencies though, and at the end, we make sure all of it is measurable.

Value Beyond Wheels

Everyone knows the power of live experiences but a good idea extended to digital, retail and experiential is what is required. We have a robust, in-house digital department that works with each experiential project from the beginning to give the campaign the most reach and engagement. A really striking branded vehicle or crazy stunt can get attention, but with the resources and technology available, Moosylvania extends the experience to the consumer’s phone, social media outlets and other touch points.


Guerilla marketing is the tactic that everyone knows they want but doesn’t quite know how it works or when it should be used. This form of marketing was once focused on driving awareness in a key area but now it has become something bigger than just the physical event itself. The experience you share with consumers on the ground is now shared with the world, and even though online viewers may not have physically experienced it, they resonate with it and it can leave a lasting impression on them.

Curious to the new ways we are using experiential?

Contact us and we can show how one physical experience can be extended for greater reach and impressions (all of which we measure). Learn about our event marketing services and how they can also be extended experiences.