Web & Application Development


Web and Application Development

So many people take technology for granted. They don’t think about what happens behind the scenes when they add a product into a website shopping cart, or when they fire up their favorite iPhone game. Is it magic? Witchcraft? No, it’s gotta be magic, right?

Actually, the truth is, it’s a whole lot of blood, sweat, tears and talent. And that’s what Moosylvania put into the website and application development process (minus the blood – well, usually).

We make websites sing – like Sinatra, not Hasselhoff.

There are a few things that are underappreciated in life: the spork, Scott Baio and great website development. We’re still pondering how the world missed the genius of the first two, but the latter we can understand – most of the world doesn’t speak the language of the web, so you can hardly expect them to appreciate it.

Fortunately, at Moosylvania and The Loud Few, our uber-talented individuals not only know how to speak the language of the web, they know how to make it sing. Whether you’re looking to develop a completely new website from scratch, add some wicked new functionality to an existing site or rebuild your site on a more search engine friendly Content Management System (CMS), our website development services can help you every step of the way.

There’s a reason “there’s an app for that.” Because, well, we build them.

Whether you need integration with existing systems, custom application web development or simply want to develop the next big social network (just keep Mr. Zuckerberg out of the loop, if you catch our drift), our developers can bring ideas to life and give them legs. Or arms. Or anything you’d like.

Check out our case studies to see a sampling of our custom web development, as well as our mobile and online application development.

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