Yearly Planning


Yearly Planning

We love a fresh calendar, twelve months full of possibilities for smart successful promotional programs. We admit that yearly planning is exciting for us, and we’re proud to say it’s rewarding for our clients, too.

Making Good Times Better

Every promotional calendar has true power periods, those seasonal times when product purchase is at its peak. Moosylvania builds programs around those time periods, using seasonal momentum to grow business.

Whether it’s love in the air for Valentine’s Day or home entertaining for the holidays, we follow consumer insights and the natural flow of the market. Then we interject with innovative ideas that break through the clutter and inspire consumer response.

We embraced the propensity to barbecue during the summer to encourage guys to smoke cigars while they smoke meat.

And who doesn’t love the mixology of the milkshake? We created a successful milkshake recipe contest to help consumers beat the heat.

When They Zig, We Zag

The fun part of yearly planning is thinking beyond the expected and creating programs during seasonal lulls – after all, it’s the best time to gain share of voice.

Sales of sparkling wine are strongest during the holiday season for New Year’s toasts, but we had fun with a counter-seasonal spring program.

And chocolate milk became a winter must have with our “Try It Hot” program that billed it as a smart alternative to hot cocoa.

The Wide Shot is the Money Shot

With seasonal and counter-seasonal programming in place, at Moosylvania we pull back and look at the calendar in a big picture kind of way. We analyze the calendar and the competition for strategic opportunities, then we make sure brand activity links up so that every program builds on the last.

Check out how we can beef up yearly planning with our other specialties, from sweepstakes and contests to experiential marketing and digital, too.